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12th June

Mission Istanbul

  • - Ashish

    Fantastic location, amazing weather and scenic vistas, Istanbul came in as a surprise to me and my friends. And after experiencing it all, I would suggest everyone to visit Istanbul. Me and my lads had a great time mingling with the locals, visiting centuries-old mosques, churches, relishing Turkish food and lastly, taking the traditional Turkish bath.

21st February

Wandering Solo in Greece

  • - Akash

    Bitten by the wander bug, Greece was always in my bucket list that I had to visit anyhow. UMTH customized my holiday of all the places that I would like to visit understanding my interest and there I was under the blue sky, pristine waters and hospitable locals. From diving in the deep to surrendering to the nature’s beauty, Greece is one-of-a-kind place every wanderer should experience.

29th January

The Girl Gang in Kasauli

  • - Jagjeet

    On a shoestring budget, I and my girlfriends decided to travel to the peaceful Kasauli. At a great location Kasauli is home to the best sunset point, colonial architecture and a lively nightlife. Calm & tranquil, Kasauli was a good suggestion by the team of UMTH. They also helped us with a customized package depending on the budget. Thank you for making this trip possible.

29th January

We’re in Miami Baby!

  • - Ashu

    When Radha told me, that she has booked couple tickets to Miami, I didn’t really believe her but after a week we were having our ‘ME’ time at the South Beach. The best part of our experience was the late night dinner at the beach that illuminated the romance back into our lives. Thank you UMTH for making everything go so seamless and hassle-free.

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